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Green Schools Committee

My name is Rachel I am on the Green Schools Committee. I am in 6th class. The other people on the committee are Ronan and Ciara (5th class), Luke and Andrea (4th class), Matthew and Clara (3rd class), Ms. O’Sullivan, Ms. Murphy, Stephanie and Carmel King.

We have been working hard on many issues to keep our recycling flag and try earn our energy flag including taking meter readings to show and track our progress.

Measures have been taken to cut down appliance use – turning off white boards and turning off the boiler in the kitchen when not in use.

We have appointed energy checkers for each classroom – one person in each class checks if appliances and lights have been turned off when not in use.

We held a poster competition for saving energy. Different classes did different topics. Some did turning down the radiators instead of opening the windows, others did turning off lights and whiteboards and turning off the taps.

A representative from the SEAI came in to give a lesson about energy and pollution. He also did experiments to show how energy works. It was good fun!

6th class are doing an environmental housing project – we have made model houses and we are putting solar panels on the roofs of the houses we are making, we have sun rooms and lots of interesting features – keep an eye out for these around our school!

Rachel O’Keeffe

6th Class