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Bike Week Art Competition Winners!

Bike Week Art Competition Winners!!

Mrs. Horgan

Jake Savage

Tommy O’Brien

                                Junior Infants

Elise Roser & Greta Mejeryte

Senior Infants

Holly Hogan & Danny Crowley Coniry

Ist Class

Casey McGrath & Cara Scallan

2nd Class

Hannah Forbes & Harry Greaves

3rd Class

Eva Roceviciute & Adam Fitzroy

Mr. O’Donovan

Kacper Morawiec

Ruby Treacy & Rachel O’Brien

4th Class

Shannon Budden & Sive O’Regan

5th Class

Luke Packham & Rory Jackson

6th Class

Darcy Williams & Jane Hobson


Poppy Redmond & Ava Murphy.

Congratulations to everyone for taking part.

6th class Tour July 9th 2020

We have booked Ballyhass Activity Centre for the 6th class Tour on Thursday 9th July.

The cost of the tour is  €40 per pupil. The minimum number for a group booking is 8 pupils so the tour will be subject to confirmed numbers. 

Please see the link below which gives information related to Covid-19 provisions at the activity centre. Parents must please confirm that they have read this information and are satisfied for their child to participate in the tour.

It is not possible to travel by bus so parents will be asked to drop and collect from Ballyhass on the day. Details of times, activities, what to bring etc. will be sent on to those who confirm  that they wish their child to come on the tour. 

On receipt of your confirmation by responding to this message, I will give School Bank Details for payment online. 

We are most grateful to the staff who have volunteered to facilitate this School Tour and we are very much looking forward to it. 

Kind regards

Valerie Elliffe


Active Home Week

Dear Pupils, Parents and Staff

Our school has been working towards the Active School Flag this year. This week is Active Home Week and we are asking everybody in St. Mary’s NS to take part.

ABOUT the Challenge

The idea of the #ActiveHomeWeekchallenge is to:

· Reach out to parents/guardians to support the work that is taking place in their school

· Support parents by providing them with ideas and a challenge format to encourage children to build physical activity into their day

· Encourage children to find NEW ways of being physically active that they ENJOY

· Raise awareness about the fact that children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day

To complete the challenge children have to find four different ways of being active every day making sure that this add up to 60 MINUTES, or more. Children are encouraged to try something NEW, have FUN with a family activity and to ENJOY the week!

You can record your daily activity on the Challenge Chart which you can print and post back to us at school or there is a fillable version which you can send back to

We need over 50% response for it to count as one of our activities towards achieving the Active School Flag. We are sure you will have lots of great ideas for being active. Be sure to check out the Ideas Word Cloud attachment. We would love to receive a photo of your activity which you can email to the school.

Best of luck everybody and let’s get ACTIVE AT HOME!!!! #ActiveHomeWeek #StaySafe #TogetherButApart

Ms. Elliffe and Mrs. Horgan

Junior & Senior Infants

Junior & Senior Infants

The following is a list of some suggestions for educational activities that junior and senior infants can engage in during the school closure:

  • Literacy – Enjoy plenty of stories together, discuss the stories, discuss the pictures/characters/covers of books, ask your child questions on stories, ask them to retell such stories, invite them and encourage them to read along themselves where they can, practice words, practice writing your name and members of your family, writing lists, drawing, colouring
  • Phonics – Revising letter sounds and actions, words that begin with _____, what does _____ begin with, sounding out words, practice writing letters, names, sentences (senior infants)
  • Maths – Any opportunity for maths in the home, e.g counting, making sets, sorting and arranging things in size order/by colours, shape hunt, writing numbers
  • Art – Painting, crafts, playdoh, cutting and gluing, drawing, colouring, junk art
  • Games – Board games, card games, snakes and ladders, I-Spy, Simon Says, making up new imaginative games, construction games, jigsaws, dice games, Lego, blocks
  • Ensure children are getting plenty of time to play, move and have fun, both indoors and outdoors. GoNoodle has lots of exercise and movement videos you can try.

Green School


Hi everyone our 6th class Green School Committee members [Rachel O’Keeffe and Sarah Horgan] would like to show what we have done in the past while and what we plan to do in the coming year.

Our recent activities:


2nd to 6th class made creative posters to remind us to use natural light, turn off the lights, turn down the heat and turn off the taps. Well done to everybody!

And make sure to check out our 6th class eco house projects!

Stay tuned for more exciting projects happening in 2020, such as Climate Action Day and our upcoming Walk on Wednesday challenge!

St. Mary’s N.S. Energy Statement

St. Mary’s N.S. Energy Statement

Our school is dedicated to implementing energy efficient practices, recognising that this is essential to provide a leading example to our pupils and the wider community.

We are committed to the following:

  • Continual improvement in reducing our energy usage
  • Complying with all energy and other legislation
  • Minimising the impact that our energy use has on the environment
  • Communication of our energy statement and energy programme to all staff, students and parents
  • Regularly updating our energy action plan and reviewing our progress so far
  • Involving staff, pupils, children and the wider community in our energy awareness programme
  • Saving money by using less energy and meeting our energy targets
  • Encouraging one another to follow the guidelines set out by our ‘Energy Code’ which is clearly displayed in every room in the school.

Christmas Plays

Thanks to parent Barbara Bytner – Mroz for sending on the photos!